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Oh Hey Truth all started as a deep passion to talk about Truth and what it means to “be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” (Romans 12:2). We are five women, friends, sisters in Christ who have, who have served alongside one another in camp ministry, in church ministry, and in the day to day living of community. We love laughing and spending time together, but we noticed that it seemed to always result in a conversation about God, His Word, and what it looks like to live that out in our own lives. As a response to the call put on our lives to go and make disciples, our goal as a team is to bring the Truth of the gospel to women on college campuses, to those starting out in their first jobs, and to women all over who simply want more Jesus in their day to day living. Between the four of us, we have worked with college aged women for a collective twenty-six years, and we have noticed that there is a passion that drives a twenty-year-old. We love this passion. But, we have also seen a gap between this passion and truly knowing God and His Word. This podcast is born out of years of sitting in our living rooms, surrounded by a small group of college women, answering the same questions over and over. “What is God’s will for my life?” “Should I marry him?” “How do I walk in forgiveness from my sexual sin?” “How do I live in the freedom of Christ?” “How do I know God?” And so many more. We noticed a pattern: incredible women, who love Jesus, did not really understand what the Bible said. They had been spending their lives as believers growing in their knowledge of God by doing five-minute devotionals that took them from topic to topic, never knowing what God’s Word said for itself. They have been fed messages from media everyday saying that they should “be your own truth,” “do whatever makes you happy,” “you be you,” and so many more motivational sayings that can make a girl feel like she can do anything on her own if she just believes it enough. This is the opposite of what God’s Word teaches us. We need Him. He is where our hope is found. We believe there is a better and more satisfying way to know God, and this isn’t just an idea we have developed on our own. It has been laid out for us through the pages of Scripture that God has gifted us with. To know God and to bring Him glory should be our greatest pleasure on this earth, and to know Him, we must spend time in the tool He gave us to do just that. Within the correct context. In a spirit of prayer and discernment. With a desire to learn. To get to the Truth of it all. 

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Jill, Annabel, Autumn, & Grizz 
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Each week the OHT team hosts a podcast centered on the topic of God’s Word! Episodes are available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and on Spotify. It is here where we discuss what God is doing in our lives, what His Word says, and how women can be equipped to know the Lord. We love what we do because we believe that knowing TRUTH is essential to living a life that glorifies God. Each episode is about 25 minutes with the hopes you can fit it into your day rhythms from driving to work, walking to class, or going on a run. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our podcast and leave a review!


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On our website you will find a list of regularly updated resources that we have found helpful over the years. The list consists of Bible studies, books, podcasts, blogs, and everything that we love to use in our own walks with the Lord. These are resources that push us to the Lord, to keep our eyes fixed on Him, no matter the circumstance.

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