December 21, 2021

Advent 2021: The Gift of Peace

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In today’s episode, Jill and Autumn talk about the peace that we have through Christ. This peace is unattainable apart from him and our salvation through Christ. Autumn and JIll talk about why peace is such a big deal and identify clearly the only source of our peace. If you have confidence in your salvation, you will have the peace of Christ in your hearts!


  • Are you more organized or disorganized? How does that affect your Christmas season?
  • What is your “why” behind your celebration of Christmas and Advent?
  • Why is Peace such a big deal?
  • Can you have true peace outside of Christ?
  • Once you are saved, how can a believer feel peace in a moment you forget about it?
  • How can you keep the peace of Christ on the forefront of your mind?
  • How do we live in perfect peace in a broken world?

Noteworthy Quotes:

  • The definition of peace from Mariam Webster is “the freedom from disturbance, or tranquility”
  • Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace which means “a completeness/soundness/peace with God especially in our covenant relationship”
  • ειρήνη is the greek word for peace which means “the exemption of war between individuals/security/safety”
  • The word for peace appears around 200 times in scripture 
  • The character of the Lord never changes
  • Peace is not just a feeling you have
  • Living peaceably with people may not look exactly the way you think, like calling out sin
  • You can be at peace and still be in pain, it is not about our circumstances
  • God has made the peace that we long for available through Christ

The Basics of the Episode:

  • Biblical peace is more than just the absence of conflict and is not something that we can create on our own!
  • Peace of Christ is not a time period of peace, it is instead an eternal peace that he brings
  • You cannot have true peace apart from Christ
  • You can’t keep your mind on the truth of Christ and not trust him; peace comes from this!


  • “Blessed are the peacemakers”podcast from our Beatitudes podcast
  • “Oh come all you Unfaithful” by Sovereign Grace Music

Scripture References:

  • Isaiah 9:6-7 (The Messiahs peace is perfect)
  • Ezekiel 34 (The Lord makes a peaceful land)
  • Isaiah 48:22 (There is no peace for wicked)
  • Luke 7:50 (In Christ there is peace)
  • 1 Corinthians 14:33 (There is peace in the promise of salvation)
  • Isaiah 26:3 (Peace because of a mind stayed on Christ)
  • Colossians 3 (Let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts)
  • Philipians 4:7 (The function of peace)
  • Proverbs 12:20 (Peace brings us joy)
  • Psalm 29:11 (Peace blesses us)
  • Isaiah 54:10 (Peace helps us in our hard circumstances)
  • John 14:26-27 (The Holy Spirit brings peace)

Patreon Plug:

  • Become a Patron to get access to Autumn’s lexicon where you can learn in depth meanings of words! Particularly referenced in this episode is the word “Peace”

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