November 29, 2021

Advent Day 22: John 1:9-13

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In this episode, Autumn and Jill prepare for Jesus’ arrival! Today, they walk through John 1:9-13 and reflect on what it means that Christ is the light for ALL. They talk about the reality that although we love Christ, sometimes we still act in ways that make it seem like we do not know him! However, we also rejoice in the fact that we can eagerly anticipate Christ’s coming!


  • What does it mean to receive Christ?
  • Are you good at reading scripture and acknowledging the gospel in it?
  • In what ways are you acknowledging God?
  • In what ways are you also denying Christ? 
  • Do you know, pray for, and love others in your life as though they are also children of God?

Noteworthy Quotes:

  • When the scripture says “they did not know him”, it is not just referring to that time period, but us now. There are days when we as believers may act like we do not know Christ
  • Light and darkness is such a powerful image throughout scripture
  • The Sun rises and gives light to the whole world whether or not you believe it is real

The Basics of the Episode:

  • Christ died for us even when we did not know him and even when we still turn away from him in moments 
  • Do not become hard of heart, callused, or numb to the excitement and joy of the gospel!
  • The advent season is all about preparing for Christ


Scripture References:

  • John 1:9-13 (excitement for Jesus’ arrival)
  • Romans 10:9 (Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth)
  • Romans 8:15 (heirs with Christ)
  • John 3:4-16 (Nicodemus)

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