February 13, 2019

Challenge Week 3

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Oh hello there ladies! Today, we are entering into challenge week three! Wooohoo!!! In case you missed it the first time, our challenge weeks exist to help you put into practice the things we talk about here at Oh Hey Truth.  Knowing that we desire to not just be “in the Word, but of the Word”, we want to push you to not just sit and listen each week, but to jump in fully to the things we discuss.

This week, we will be digging more into to the “C” of C.I.A. which is “Comprehension.”  The comprehension phase is the first phase of study when going through a new passage. Basically, this is answering the question, “what does this text say?”  There are several tools you can use within this comprehension phase to help answer this question, one of which was practiced during challenge week two–repetitive reading.  Along with reading through the passage multiple times, below are some other tools you can use in the comprehension phase!

Our challenge for you this week is to work through these pieces of the comprehension phase as you study the Word with us!  Whether that is in Philippians, or in a different book, take the time to do these three things when first reading through a passage:

  1. First, find a source to take notes in!  Whether that be an ESV Scripture Journal, the text printed out double-spaced, or just a typical journal.
  2. Circle words that repeat–if you see a word two or more times (or variations of the same word) in a passage, circle them!  This will help some of the main points, or even themes, stick out to you as you read. When words repeat, it can serve as a sign to you that this word is important!
  3. Look up definitions–using just your typical dictionary, take the time to look up words you don’t know, and even words you think you already do know!  This will be more helpful to you than you think.
  4. Embrace your questions–if you don’t understand something, circle it, underline it, draw a question mark by it.  Then, go take what you don’t understand and write it down in the form of questions. These questions can help lead you throughout the rest of your study time.  And when you discover the answers later, make sure to do a happy dance!

Ladies, we are excited for you to join us in this challenge!  For more of the C.I.A. process, you can check out our show notes from challenge week one.  Make sure to share with us how this week’s challenge is going for you and all that the Lord is teaching you!

We love you, and we pray for you daily. John 17:17.

-The OHT Team

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