October 13, 2019

Episode 33: Doers of the Word on Hearing

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In today’s episode, we are discussing the first part of James 1:19 where it talks about being quick to hear. Because God has given us His Word through the Bible, we have the ability to hear from God directly.  When we think on, memorize, and call to mind what His Word says, we are putting this call of James 1:9 into practice. 

  • James 1:19, “Know this my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” 
  • When Paul says “beloved brothers”, he is speaking directly to the Church. 
  • “Let every person be quick to hear” 
    • Hearing vs listening
    • The definition of “hearing”-to gain knowledge by hearing. To listen with attention. 
      • From the Logos app: “Hear” is used throughout Mathew 5 in the Sermon on the Mount. 
      • Being quick to hear God’s Word. 
  • Verse 22, “But be doers of the Word and not hearers only.”
    • You have to hear God’s Word first before you put it into action.
  • If you ever want to know if you have heard the voice of the Lord, open up your Bible and you will hear Him speaking. 
  • How does this actively play out in our lives?
    • Be in the Word!
    • Philippians 4:8
    • Memorizing His Word and being quick to recite it to yourself.
  • “Slow to speak” 
    • The definition of “speak”-to express thoughts, opinions, or feelings. 
  • We want to be doers of the Word of God.  Not doers of our opinions or doers of our feelings. 

We are so grateful for you joining us today ladies! Our challenge for you his week is to go memorize Philippians 4:8.  We hope you are encouraged to go hear what God’s Word has to say so we can be quick to put it into action within our lives.

-The OHT team 

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