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Hello world! My name is Jill Pfalser and I am a passionate human. Things I really care about are sound doctrine (Titus 2), equipping women to know how to know God and study His word, my adorable three kids (Cannon, Nixon, and Austen), and my cute husband, Clinton. Clinton and I have been married for fourteen years now, and we met at our most favorite place on earth, Sky Ranch, which is a christian summer camp for kids. I love to read books of all kinds, I love a great cup of coffee (with lots of yummy creamer), I love playing Settlers of Catan, and really just love deep conversation with friends. I am glad you are here. I hope you give us a listen and learn something along the way. May God get the glory for all we do and say on this podcast, blog and website.

Oh hey ladies! My name is Chrisleigh Heller, but almost everyone calls me “Grizz” thanks to my many years serving at summer camp. Camp has been a big part of my story and it is where a large part of my relationship with the Lord was formed. It is also where I met and fell in love with my husband Max! We currently live in Tyler, TX where we both serve in jobs at our local church. In November 2019, we had our first baby named Jones--we are pretty much crazy about him! Other things that I love include: my spunky grey cat named Bonnie (you will definitely hear about her on the podcast), children’s books, small group settings of all kinds, and youth ministry. I am passionate about girls understanding basic Biblical truths and helping them learn how to navigate through the pages of Scripture at an early age. I believe it’s never too early, or too late, to fall more in love with Scripture! I’m so glad that you are here—I hope you’re encouraged by time spent here!

Hello! My name is Annabel Ellis. I live in the piney woods of Lindale, TX. I am an ENFP, Enneagram Type 3, and in the house of Gryffindor. I am passionate about bringing Light to every area of my life and helping others do the same. For years I worked full time doing various roles at Sky Ranch Summer Camps with some of the coolest, most Jesus loving people around. It is there that I met my husband, Scott. Together, we have a sweet baby girl, named Margot. She’s the best. When I’m not dreaming about Oh Hey Truth, I am a nanny for the Pfalser family. Some of my favorite things include: rock climbing, hanging out at a coffee shop, playing board games with my favorite people. I am a person of extremes! I am either eating fast food for every meal, or doing the whole30. There’s not much in between for me, but I’m working on it! I love online shopping, funny YouTube videos, and posting ridiculous Instagram stories. I am so excited to be a part of this team and to get to share the truth of God’s word with women!  

Howdy! My name is Autumn Van Ommering, yes, 2 word last name!!! I live in sunny San Diego, California on a farm with my husband and best friend, Jonny, and our three legged cat, Tripp. For my day job, I work on the Customer Success team for Yelp, helping small business owners maximize their Yelp page! I am a fightin’ Texas Aggie class of 2017 and am more than just a little obsessed with Disney World. My big dreams include living in England, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and running for city council. You can typically find me drinking coffee with hazelnut creamer, burning a Volcano candle, and reading 3 books at a time on my Kindle. I am crazy passionate about people recognizing how truly freeing the Gospel is and how Jesus can transform their lives, just like He did mine. We are THRILLED that you are here, and pray you would understand the confidence we have in Christ more deeply through our content. I hope this space draws you closer to the Lord and His Word, for without it, we can do nothing!

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