December 20, 2018

Episode 008 – Psalm 119

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Hello ladies! We are here today with episode 008.  We are so grateful for you joining us today and supporting the OHT team. Thank you for listening and sharing with us all that you have been learning.  We are so encouraged by you and love learning from the Word alongside you. Today, we are talking about affliction which we know can be a heavy topic. This will not be the last you hear on this topic though because we know affliction is something we are all walking through in some form.  Our heart is that we would learn to honor God in our suffering and

  • Affliction comes from the Hebrew word “Ana” which means to be brought low, humbled, to oppress. It can be trouble, anguish, or persecution.
  • Webster’s defines affliction as, “something that causes pain or suffering.”
  • Affliction can be physical or emotional pain or suffering.  Affliction comes in a lot of shapes and forms. We all have affliction in our life, or we will have affliction in our life at some point.  This is a guarantee in scripture. Even Jesus suffered!
  • 119:67 says, “Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep your word.”
  • “Before”—the psalmist is talking about what life was like before he was afflicted and then what happened after his affliction.
  • Before affliction, the writer was going astray.  In times of plenty, sometimes it is easy to not rely on the Lord.  Once the writer was afflicted, he now keeps the word of the Lord.
  • God using affliction to humble us and to bring him back to Himself those who wonder.  
  • God allows affliction in order for us to be sanctified.  Sometime suffering and pain is there not because He is discipling us, but because we live in a sinful broken world where things go wrong.
  • Jill’s chronic illness: falls under the umbrella of Dysautonomia.
  • God is capable and able to heal us from physical suffering, but sometimes He chooses to not heal people.  He is still good in the midst of that suffering.
  • Don’t ask “why” but ask “what”.  Lord help me see you in this, and show me how to walk through this in a way that gives you glory.
  • “It’s ok not to be ok.” Stop trying to make it look like you have it all together.  Be honest with where you are at in your suffering.
  • God has purpose in anything He allows.  He is using it for His glory!
  • However, sometimes we choose affliction by walking in sin that causes hardship in our life.    That’s different if we are suffering due to sin in our life.  We need to repent and ask for help.
  • We might not ever know why we went through suffering.
  • Sometimes knowing the answer won’t make it better, but trusting the Lord and knowing that He is GOOD.
  • Faith—believing in a God we cannot physically see, and that includes in the midst of affliction as well.
  • He is good in affliction.
  • We have a greater hope in Christ—in Heaven, there will be no more suffering, hurt, or tear.
  • As believers, we WILL have healing.  In Heaven and with Jesus.
  • A yearning for what it looked like in the garden to walk with the Lord.  We are going to experience that at Christ’s return.
  • It takes a daily surrender, or an every five minute surrender to choose God and the light and run from dark.
  • Psalm 119:75—the Lord afflicted me?
  • “I know this might be one of those verses,  yes..i did say this. 23:14 I want to….start:  I think that this is something that we don’t recognize or want to recognize, but it is true that
  • Cut-23:06 start-23:21
  • Passive affliction vs. active affliction
  • Our flesh and own sinful desires vs satan who is causing trouble.
  • Amos 3:6—“Does disaster come
  • Sometime the Lord causes things in the form of discipline—Job  
  • Job 2:9
  • “Evil”—Calamity, curses.  Not sin. God does this to get our dependence back on God.
  • “In FAITHFULNESS” you have afflicted me
  • “Righteous”—
  • Psalm 119:75—“I know” a trust in this Psalmist.  His trust in the Lord comes from His trust in the Word of the Lord.
  • Vs 73—Your hands have made and fashioned me.  Give me understanding that I might know your commandment.

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