November 11, 2018

EPISODE 002-Digging into the Word with Psalm 119

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Here at OHT, we are all about knowing and being in God’s Word, and it’s our desire for you to be in scripture, know it, meditate on it, and love it with your whole heart!  So what better way to get this whole thing started then by diving into Psalm 119! Fun fact, Psalm 119 is THE longest recorded chapter in the Bible, and it is all about God’s Word. Today, we start the conversation of what it looks like to dig into scripture and know it for yourself. 

Helpful tips for studying scripture:

  1. Repetition. Re-read the passage over and over again.  Before you even begin digging into and studying the passage, read it 3-5 times!  This will help you become more familiar with the text, help you better understand it, and give you a general idea of what it is about. (With each scripture series, we will be posting a bonus episode of the straight reading of the text.  Listen to it on repeat while driving, walking to class, working out, or just chillin’!)
  1. Background Information. To best understand the context of the scripture you are reading, start by doing some quick background research.  Who wrote it? Who did they write it to? When did they write it, and what was going on during that time?
  1. Cross references.  Those little letters that you see written around the text in your Bible. Use these!  They will help you make connections to the text you are reading to other areas of scripture.  This is a great first step to helping you understand text that doesn’t make sense before going straight to a commentary for help.
  1. Compare versions.  When reading, take some time to pull up other versions of the Bible and compare the passages.  You might find some different word usage or phrasing that helps shed light on what the scripture means.  

Thoughts on Psalm 119:1-3

  • What does it mean to be blessed by the Lord?  To receive favor from Him! Psalm 119 tells us that we are blessed when we “walk in the law of the Lord!”
  • God has spoken to us through His laws, precepts, commandments, testimonies, and statutes.  This is His Word, and we are blessed when we know it and walk in it!
  • To be blameless means you are innocent of any wrongdoing. I will be the first to tell you that I am far from blameless, but praise the Lord for Jesus who literally takes away our guilt.
  • Through His Word, He has revealed to us who He is and what He has done for us through Jesus.
  • Out of His great love for us, He has given us His law so we would know how to live.  
  • His desire is that we would seek Him with our whole heart.  Jeremiah 29:13 says that, “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”  God tells us that we will find Him when we seek Him. He has given us His word so we can do so.


  • Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin
  • Blue Letter Bible app
  • ESV Study Bible
  • Precepts for Life with Kay Arthur  

Thanks so much for listening! We are excited to continue digging into what God says about His Word through Psalm 119.  If you haven’t, take a listen to the bonus episode of Psalm 119 being read. It’s a lengthy one, but it’s worth it. Praying that you will be deeply rooted in God’s Word this week!

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